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Re: [ Exalted ][ Under Raven's Wings ]

Beitrag von h8urf8 » Donnerstag 7. Februar 2019, 20:12

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Book 7: An Unkindness of Ravens
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"Or is it a Murder of Crows?"

Chapter 4: Innocence
"Innocence is what disappears, after I arrive."
The First and Forsaken Lion

"Last night I saw a little girl that played with a toy I forged from her parents souls while she was watching. She understood nothing, but in time she will. Everyone does."
The Dowager of the Irreverent Vulgate in Unrent Veils

"Such things do not concern me."
The Mask of Winters

Eye and Seven Despairs

"Ahh... Sheep are innocent creatures. That's why shepherds herd them and wolves slay them."
The Bodhisattva Anointed by Dark Waters

"While many claim themselves to be some kind of innocents and some branding others as innocent, noone truly is for their imperfections precede them. Innocene itself is a form of perfection and while aspiring for it is a valuable effort, there is only one thing that given by its nature is absolutely perfect: Oblivion. Not only does the Void not bear flaws, it also clears everyone else of their imperfections. In the fourth age, when All is the Oblivion and the Oblivion is All, there will only exist perfection. Is this perfection also valid for Innocence? Yes it is. The Void does not judge, between king and beggar, living and ghost, you and me. For it we are all the same and in it we are aswell. In conclusion true Innocence can only be found in Oblivion and everyone portraying themselves as innocent should be watched very closely."
The Bishop of Chalcedony Thurible in Tome of Endless Night Vol. 237

"Innoncence is a lot like virginity, once it's taken you can't give it back. And who would?"
The Lover Clad in Raiment of Tears

"True Innocence can only be found in the void. I will bring it to everyone."
The Walker in Darkness

"... ..."
Princess Magnificent with Lips of Coral and Robes of Black Feather
72 Hours Remaining

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Re: [ Exalted ][ Under Raven's Wings ]

Beitrag von Ursus Magicus » Freitag 8. Februar 2019, 21:13

Hallo Leute!

Fe hier. Ich wollte nur Bescheid geben, dass ich aus der Runde aussteige. Der Grund ist hauptsächlich, dass es mir keinen Spaß mehr macht meinen Char zu spielen. Das liegt glaub ich daran, dass das Spielsystem und Setting mir nicht so zuspricht + meine mangelnde Kreativität =).
War immer sehr spaßig mit euch, was überhaupt der Grund war, warum ich solange dabei geblieben bin!

Noch ein bisschen STORY zum Schluss:
Morgen im Verlauf des Abends wird mein Familiar Raven zu euch kommen, der einen schwarzen Beutel um den Hals gebunden hat. Im Beutel befinden sich eure Artefakte und ein Zettel mit folgendem Text:

Mein Verstand ist hell erleuchtet.
Ich habe die Warheit gesehen.
Sie war überwältigend.
Ihr werdet sie niemals verstehen!

gezeichnet Jinshu Tenno

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Re: [ Exalted ][ Under Raven's Wings ]

Beitrag von Paradox » Samstag 9. Februar 2019, 15:55

if I were you, I´d rather be me